Maintrel 2024


Jean Charbonneau

President / CEO
Mainteinance Excellence Group

Mr. Charbonneau is a worldwide renowned speaker and an industry-leading influencer on the best strategies for asset-intensive organizations to transition to a planned work culture, ensuring that the right maintenance is performed, at the right time, to prevent equipment failure and maximize production capacity.

He has over 30 years of experience as a reliability engineer and consultant in asset performance 4.0. He founded the Maintenance Excellence Group, 25 years ago, putting together a team of asset reliability experts to help asset-intensive organizations maximize asset performance while minimizing maintenance cost

Topic Outline

The elements required to successfully establish a sustainable Planned work  culture in today’s Industry 4.0 Era will be covered.

People: Planner, Scheduler and Supervisor roles
Data: Asset performance elements

• Planned execution mode – IPSPEC
• The weekly and daily scheduling processes
• Reporting and validating the information on the work done
• KPIs to measure results and ensure continuous improvement.

Digital Technology 4.0
• Visual Planner Digital Platform

Long Term sustainment

Benefits of Attending
Delegates will gain insights into the practices and methodologies that are applied by organisations that are able to optimise their maintenance strategies and generate value through industry leading RAM performance. Delegates will be equipped to return to their own  organisations and define, deliver and monitor actions to generate valuable improvements. Additionally, delegates will learn about the culture that exits in leading organisations, and be able to take positive steps to develop their own organisations towards improved organisation and asset reliability

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